Saturday, June 21, 2008


I just walked Rose to the ATM outside our back to deposit some checks. I had filled out a deposit slip, remembered to bring a pen to write on the envelope so I didn't have to sneak a dog inside the bank, and expected it to take ten seconds.

Well, I discovered that they have installed new machines, labeled with great fanfare about how you don't need deposit slips and envelopes. What you have to do instead is:

Press "check"
Type in amount of check
Hit another button to continue after reading instructions to endorse the check and smooth it out
Insert check, facing in the correct direction, flat and smooth enough to go into the machine
Wait while it is scanned in
Hit another button to answer whether the number you gave is the correct amount
Wait while they process it
Hit another button to say you want to deposit another check
Repeat for each check.

I think that was all the steps.

Hello? How is this easier than filling out a deposit slip in the comfort of my home and sticking one envelope in the machine? When did I volunteer to work as a bank teller for free?

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jaydub said...

My company issued me a "Purchasing Card" to "speed up routine purchases not covered by Capital Spending Requests". In return for this convenience, I get to fill out paperwork verifying the items were delivered, associate the expense with the billing cycle, get manager approval of the expense report and fax it to the HQ building.

I thought this was what a Purchasing Department did. I don't know what those guys do now. I'd be updating the resume if I was them, though.