Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Important Discovery

I believe I am very close to determining the answer to what I believe is a question for the ages: What is the value of an idea?

My editor at the newspaper pays $75 for a story that she assigns. But she pays $100 for a story if I come up with the idea for it.

Therefore, an idea is worth $25.

Unfortunately, I made the mistake of thinking about this harder. What if this really proves that an idea is worth 1/4 of whatever a whole project is worth?

The idea that all ideas are worth exactly the same amount is pleasing. And I'll bet it would make intellectual property litigation a lot simpler.

But maybe the latter theory is more plausible. And I'm equally pleased by the statement it makes that at least 3/4 of anything is in the execution, not the idea.


Chris, who else? said...

They need to pay *more* if it's not your idea. I'm learning this very day that the boring stories are MUCH harder to get done.

wombat said...

Funny, I'm working on one of those right now too - and with lots of tedious detail to worry about getting wrong.

Even worse, I think it's my own fault I'm not getting paid enough for this one. It's a magazine I've never worked for before - it doesn't even usually pay writers, but the editor agreed to my price much too quickly!