Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The writing life

David Simon on "Homicide:"

I have to say, it was fictional. We did make some stuff up. I checked my WGA card and on the back it says I'm allowed to do that. My Baltimore newspaper guild membership card, long expired, would not have allowed it, but my WGA card seems to approve.

(From an interview about The Wire on Alan Sepinwall's blog.)


Frank L. Dempsey said...

Homicide was one of my favorite shows ever. It's rerun daily on the Sleuth network, so I catch episodes occasionally. I watched one the other day which I believe is one of the all-time great TV moments -- seeing Pembleton's one-man honor guard as Crocetti's hearse passes the police station sent chills down my spine. Great television.

wombat said...

Wooo! First comment!

What that reminds me of: Remember the scene where - I forget which character died last, but he meets up with the previous two or three characters who died - they're all together in the break room at Homicide.

I wonder how long I have to work on and off at the Reptile House before that becomes my afterlife. Good thing at least it has a sofa.

Also: There is a Sleuth network? And I don't get it??