Saturday, March 22, 2008

pugs with their chins down, etc.

Another example. They really have no shame.

In other news, when I hired the midday pugsitter, I told her not to bother trying to walk them, just to take them in the backyard and hang around, because Lilly would never go for a walk in the middle of the day. Well, apparently not only will Lilly go for a walk in the middle of the day with the dogwalker, she then will not go for a walk with me later the same day after dinner.

She does not appreciate me. This is why I had to get Rose.


Matt said...

All pugs do it, don't you know! Gizmo has no reservations about using whatever or whoever he can as that chin rest.

He does love his sister, though.

-Matt from Urban Pug

wombat said...

Seriously, what is their problem? Are their heads really that heavy? Maybe Gizmo's is, but Lilly is pretty pinheaded and she does it just the same.

Paul McRae said...

In other news... Pugs need to be watched when you leave them for just a couple of hours?

wombat said...

Of course. They need constant worship all day long.

OK, no, not really. I was working full time when this post was written. Of course, now even when I am working at home all day, if I go out for dinner without them they STILL look at me with the Big Brown Sad Eyes and make me feel guilty.