Wednesday, March 19, 2008

People in glass houses

I have a friend, the author and journalist Beth Harpaz, whose name I shamelessly drop here in the hopes that people Googling her will find my blog and read it. She has spent the summer in Maine since she was a child. My mental image of Maine is that it's practically a third world country. (Sorry, Maine.) She sees it as some kind of paradise. I of course think that this is merely because she associates it with being on vacation and has it all tied up in her mind with romanticized memories of childhood. Anyway, she finds anything whatsoever connected to Maine fascinating. I always claim that she would find bird poop amazing as long as it was in Maine.

That is a kind of a long preface to the simple observation that apparently I am so fascinated by Japan that I will watch a entire fifteen minute TV show segment about how trash is separated and processed in Tokyo.

Do you think they'll do an episode on bird poop next? I can't wait!

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