Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Nice Cup of... oh you know. Again. (Part 3)

The West Coast legal department's shipment contained a box of Thin Mints. Having discovered the difference between the two versions of the peanut butter cookies, how could I not go out and find a local version of the Thin Mints? I owed it to society. Particularly because when I opened the box of Thin Mints and tried one, there was definitely something not right about it. It was not the cookie I remembered.

The two versions look different (West Coast on the left again, more dimpled), and have different textures (the West has more of a snap to it).

The West Coast version is again inferior. (Hooray!) Much less mint taste, for one thing. I think also less chocolate.

Oddly, despite all these differences, in this case the ingredients list are pretty much identical. I guess it's all in the execution.

The East Coast version, though, is still different from what I remember. It used to be perfectly smooth on top, not dimpled at all, and the chocolate was thicker. But it's OK that you can't go home again in this case because I don't care that much about Thin Mints anyway.

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