Tuesday, August 26, 2008

General Announcement to PR People

If your name and phone number are listed as PR manager on the website of a major national organization, you might want to consider answering the phone "Hello, this is Name, Major National Organization."

As opposed to, "Hello?"

Seriously. We didn't even answer that way at the Reptile House, where outside people had no way of getting our phone number. Isn't this basic business etiquette?


jaydub said...

The only time I ever answer the phone at work with a simple hello is when Stacey is calling. Strangely, there is no fancy caller ID thingy - its just a box with a receiver and a handset. Once or twice a day, it rings, and some inner prompting makes me answer it with "Hello" instead of my business greeting. Invariably, Stacey asks, "How did you know it was me?" There is no answer to that question.

wombat said...

Hmm, perhaps I bore some cosmic resemblance to a family member of the person who prompted this post. But, people, if your ESP is not reliable, don't rely on it!