Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mysteries of the paranormal

A couple of nights ago I had this type of bad dream I often have, where I am living in a group house, and have no privacy, and the bathrooms are weird and I have to wait a long time to use them so I end up being late.

But this one was unusual in that it seemed to take place in the group house I actually lived in when I was in college in Boston, which has never happened before. (Although, there was nothing particularly weird about the bathrooms there in real life.)

Today, I got an email out of the blue from the woman who owns that house, because they are having a 30th birthday celebration for it. Of course I haven't heard from her in years but she found me via Google.

Fairly regularly, I have dreams that turn out to be premonitions, but they're always about useless, trivial things. Like this one, or the very first one when I was a kid, which was about an ice cream place going out of business. They're never about the sort of things you'd like to know in advance, like a winning lottery number.

I feel I have to conclude that there really is such a thing as psychic powers. But that, unfortunately, they aren't really good for anything.

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