Saturday, August 1, 2009

Life with pugs

A while ago, I was visiting my sister in New Jersey. As we were walking with the pugs, a woman came running toward us, waving and shouting "Pugs!" She had a pug puppy with her, so of course this made perfect sense.

We stood around and talked and took photographs. It was all totally normal. The only thing that was a little unusual was that she had one of the kids run back to her house to get treats so we could show them our tricks, but it was just a couple houses down the street, so it was really no big deal.

My sister's conclusion was that pug people are nuts. I told her that even people without dogs come running after us all the time. In fact the other day, I was walking past a shop in my neighborhood WITHOUT the pugs and a woman came running out - also without a dog - to tell me that she always saw me walking past with my dogs and that she really loved them.

If a person who actually had a pug with them didn't stop, that would so be weird that it would actually be suspicious - I'd think they were fleeing a crime scene, or something. And of course, this would never happen, because anyone who had a pug would know better than to take it along to do a crime, with all the attention they attract.


Anonymous said...

I still say you're all crazy.(But in a good way)

wombat said...

The other day someone greeted me, "Hi, pug lady." What's hard to believe is that that never happened before.