Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pug theories, 1

There are two dog beds in the living room and in my office. But in each place, one bed is the good one and the other is the bad one. If the good bed is already in use, the other pug will almost always choose to lie on the couch.

I recently ordered a nice new bed to replace what looked to me like the crummiest bed, and rearranged beds so that two desirable beds were in one room.

What I discovered is that 'two desirable beds in one room' is apparently an impossible concept. In the pug mind, if there are two beds, no matter how nice they are, one is the good bed and one is the bad bed.

This shouldn't have surprised me. I thought of ordering another bed to see what happens when two identical beds are in the same room. And then I remembered: when you give them two identical bones, they still try to steal them from each other, obviously sure that one is good and one is bad.

So I suspect that with two identical beds, there will still be one bad one and one good one. I am still trying to decide whether to spend another forty dollars to test this hypothesis.

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