Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pug theories, 3: Experimental testing

Here's the new bed I mentioned in the earlier post. It occurred to me that I had changed too many variables at the same time: I got a new bed, AND I put the new bed in the spot where the old best bed used to be, changing the position of the old best bed.

I decided to see what would happen if this hallowed spot had NO bed in it. What if there was only one really good bed, but it wasn't in that spot? So I took away the second bed, and moved the pictured bed a couple of feet to the right.

For the couple of hours that this situation existed, Rose chose to lie on the carpet instead of in the good bed in the wrong place.

This suggests that it's not just the bed that matters - there is also a good spot, and all the other spots are inferior. Really there ought to be further testing, but I felt so sorry for her that I had to put the best bed back in the best spot.

(Lilly, of course, just goes and sleeps on the back of the couch if you mess with her beds. She can take care of herself.)

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