Saturday, September 12, 2009

Adventures in local journalism and fried dough

See that unassuming metal building on the far side of the courtyard?

It just looks like an equipment shed or something boring like that. But inside is the whole summer's worth of food preparation for a Greek church festival, like these five foot tall carts full of moussaka and pastitsio, ready for their close-up:

In the church basement (where it is much warmer than in the walk-in freezer), a bunch of ladies are punching dough:

and rolling it out:

and cutting it up:

and frying:

Unfortunately this story doesn't have an end yet, because I left before they finished filling the rest of the big plastic trays with the fried diples and putting honey and nuts on them:

Stay tuned and maybe next weekend there will be a final picture, but I might be too busy eating the other fried dough thing that I like better.

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