Thursday, May 14, 2009

I hate gardening

Last fall I pulled up a big clump of asters in my front yard because they have pretty little flowers on a big ugly plant that always gets diseased rotting foliage, thus giving an overall impression which is basically repulsive. I am no garden design expert, but I am pretty sure that "repulsive" is not the effect I am striving for, so they had to go.

I tossed them in a big plastic pot so I could easily carry them to the trash, but they got shoved behind a bush and forgotten. These half-rotted, bare-root plants spent all winter freezing and thawing in that empty pot. And now they are showing new green growth.

At the same time, I can point to at least three bare spots in the same bed where I lovingly planted and tended new plants last year and now there is nothing.

And I'm sure I'd be able to point to more, but mercifully, my project to label everything was thwarted by the guys we hired to clean up leaves, whose leafblowers uprooted nearly all my labels.

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