Friday, January 30, 2009


Now we have insulation and electricity. Today they are putting up drywall. Why do they call it drywall? I've never heard of anyone installing wetwall.

So far, working at home while they do this work doesn't have the problems that I anticipated. I have done a few phone interviews and it hasn't been too noisy. I am afraid to ask if somehow they haven't gotten to the really noisy part; let's just hope for the best.

However, it does have other problems. Why are people asking me about light fixtures before I am even showered and dressed? I don't care about the light fixtures that much even when I am awake. In related news, why do I have to pick out a storm door? Why is there even more than one kind? And why is there a link on the website that says 'caring for your door'? My approach to the doors in my life is that I open them to walk through and close them behind, and that is it. I'll be damned if I am going to "care for" a door.


JW said...

Hopefully the trumpeting elephant procedure was as loud as it gets.

Re: Door care. My last fan came with an instruction manual. I was initially intrigued to think that a fan was sophisticated enough to require a manual. It turned out to be something to the effect of "plug in" and "turn on when you want it to cool down", plus lots of advice about not putting your fingers in it when running, keeping it away from bathtubs etc. I think junior translators cut their teeth on these appliance manuals.

wombat said...

"Do not slam fingers in door." "Do not close door on pugs." OK, I can handle that kind of stuff.