Saturday, April 26, 2008

Low tech

Here's a six month old green tree python with my fingers for scale. I promised earlier I'd post one together with the baby and fingers picture for comparison. But I realized that figuring out how to lay out the pictures next to each other was harder than figuring out how to lay out the snakes next to each other and take another picture:


nohobot said...

Are you still working at the zoo, or are you just coincidentally tending to reptiles again?

Also, that baby snake is extremely cute. I daresay even ophidiophobes would find it endearing.

(If you're wondering how I found your blog, it was through TOUAMB. I do still read it from time to time. Sorry for the potentially creepy borderline stalking.)

Guia Vegana said...

hi, why did you decide to give up linguistics and academic life?? It's very amazing! i really admire you

what do you do at the zoo? I don't like zoos, I think they are animal's prisons, unless they only serve as a shelter to wild animals that can't be reinserted in their habitats.

In any case, I guess it's a wonderful work to be close to animals and take care of them. And to be a free lance journalist is awesome as well!! really, you made a good decision!

wombat said...

Hobot! It is lovely to hear from you. The word 'stalking' did not even cross my mind.

I am working at the zoo again, at the Reptile house, another possibly long term temp job.

GV, you ask hard questions! Perhaps I will someday write a post about giving up the academic life. As for whether zoos are a good thing, we do our best to make it more like a nice hotel than a prison, but I don't expect that I can change your mind.

Thanks for reading and commenting!